Case Study


Couponista, 'a league of extraordinary savers', is a website for introducing and distributing various discounts coupons across several categories such as apparels, art & craft, books, baby products, magazine, bath & body and many more. It is one of the popular sites that users come to find the discount coupons on the product(s) of their choice.

At a glance:

Coupon Deals Page

Coupon Details page

Challenges/Obstacles faced by customer:

Team Couponista approached us with an existing website that needed heavy revamping and redesigning. They required us to also integrate thrid party providers on their website so that they can easily be a coupon distributing platform for various brands and businesses.

Solutions provided by us:

  • Our team was quick to realize that their existing WordPress website required theme customization. So we worked on customizing the old theme to a new one with more features relevant to a coupon sharing website. We made the site production ready.

  • We also integrated relevant plug-ins and allowed integration with third party coupon service providers. As per the client's requirement, we recitified the default presentation.

  • Once all these things were in place, the site was good to go live. Our UI/UX developer took a special care to keep the look and feel user-friendly and easy to access for anyone and everyone visiting the website.